The Ink Spot was founded in 1932. In the 1940's it was purchased by Mr. & Mrs. Fred Krepela, who made it into a school for printers, where students learned the trade of offset lithography and letterpress printing, while producing for paying customers. It was located on State Street in downtown Salem.

In 1978 Ed and Sue Kovalski purchased the Ink Spot, and discontinued the school side of the business. Ed strived to build the business into a full service print shop that remained focused on affordable services and products. By 1983 the business had outgrown the State Street location, so Ed & Sue purchased a little building on High Street. As Ink Spot continued to grow, they added on to the building to accommodate new equipment.

Recently the Ink Spot has expanded again. In keeping with Ed's intent to make the Ink Spot a full service shop, we now offer digital printing as well as offset lithography, and letterpress printing. Today Ed and Sue's daughter Heather manages the shop while Sue enjoys retirement. Ed passed away in 2002, but the principles he built the Ink Spot upon remain the core focus of the business: quality printing, produced quickly, at affordable rates.

Quality printing since 1932
Still a family run business
Classic service with modern techniques